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How can I find out if class is canceled (it’s raining, there’s construction at the park, etc.)?

​​We try to avoid class cancellations. We do not cancel class if it’s lightly sprinkling rain.
If class is ever canceled, we will post updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please follow us @britwestsoccer to receive these updates. If class is canceled, there will be a makeup class added to the end of your session.

​​We just signed up for classes. What does my athlete need to bring?

1.5 - 3.5 years old: There is no need for cleats or shin guards.
3.5 years and up: Please wear appropriate clothing for running around (t-shirt, shorts, and sturdy tennis shoes). Shin guards and cleats are mandatory once the group starts to scrimmage. Athletes do not need to bring their own soccer ball, however they are welcome to do so.

Are you able to prorate my registration?

Most often, this decision must be made by the city. For answers regarding your specific situation please contact us directly.

We miss our old coach. Where did they go?​

We do our best to keep our coaches in the same location! We understand that the athletes get attached, and so do our coaches! Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible due to their own personal schedules.

​How can I request private lessons or a birthday party?

Please contact us at info@BritWestSoccer.com so we can assist you!

​Will my athlete be getting a soccer jersey?

Classes: Brit West Soccer jerseys will be available to purchase for a small fee.   

Camps: 5 day soccer camps includes a Brit West Soccer jersey.

Enrichment programs: Brit West Soccer jerseys will be available to purchase for a small fee. 

My child has never played soccer before. Will they be able to keep up in your classes?

Absolutely! We design our class curriculum so that all athletes are able to engage and participate in the activities. We judge our success on the happiness and progression of each individual athlete, understanding that they are all at different developmental and skill levels.

​I’m having trouble registering, who should I contact?

If you’re registering through your city, you must contact them directly for assistance. If you are registering through our Active registration portal, please contact us at info@BritWestSoccer.com so that we may assist you.

How do I register my child for one of your programs?

​​Please click the corresponding tab on our main web page for the program you are looking for and follow the prompts. You will be linked to the appropriate registration site. Most programs register through the city recreation department.​


​Email Brit West Soccer at  info@britwestsoccer.com​​

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